Create High-Quality, Viral Articles That Make You THE Recognized Expert, Build Your Following, And Attract Endless Professional opportunities...

This year, I’m leading a live, interactive group coaching program where I personally help 15-20 thought leaders write high-quality, viral articles using my proprietary Blockbuster Strategy. 

The program is designed step-by-step to make you the recognized expert in your niche, create a massive following, raise your speaking fee, get a big book contract, and grow your business — so you can do what you love full-time. 

My results and those of my past clients speak for themselves...

  • One client went from zero to 100,000+ readers and 20,000 shares within just 2 weeks  
  • Another client on Quora used this method to write a viral article that generated millions of views
  • One client generated $100,000+ in revenue with just one article
  • I've personally used this method to build an email list of over 200,000 qualified prospects and become a niche authority in 18 months  

Once you submit your application, we will review it, and reach out if there's a good fit. 

There are only a few spots left, so make sure you apply as soon as possible – click the button below:  

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About Me

I'm Michael Simmons. I'm a writer, polymath, and entrepreneur. My writing in Forbes, Fortune, TIME, World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Review, and other publications has been read by tens of millions of times. I've read thousands of books. I've been recognized as an entrepreneur of the year three times, and my businesses have generated millions of dollars in revenue.  

What Clients Say

"The first article I published after using the Seminal system was read over 150,000 times; that's 75x what my previous articles were averaging. If you want a data-driven approach to writing viral articles, this is it."  

— Al Pittampalli, author & speaker